Steam trap measurements

Steam traps are a useful part of a boiler installation, but they also need attention. Kuiper & Zn can take care of this for you.

steam trap

A steam trap or condensate trap collects and removes the condensate and non-condensable gases from your steam installation, without losing fresh steam. Condensate and air must be properly separated from steam. It is therefore an extremely important part of your installation to ensure good quality dry steam.

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Improve efficiency

Research has shown that on average 30% of the steam traps installed (in the steam route) do not function properly. This causes an enormous loss of steam every year, and therefore also of fuel, which means that the efficiency of your installation is not optimal. The installation has to burn much more fuel to supply the same amount of dry steam. The advice is to regularly perform a steam trap measurement, to be sure of correct operation and maximum efficiency.
Contact us quickly so that we can perform a steam trap measurement. Thanks to our modern equipment, we can do this quickly and efficiently.

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