Rental boiler placed in Dongen

Rental boiler Kuiper and Zonen

Finally hot water for the Dongense district of Beljaart after years of problems with the heat supply. Warm or cooled groundwater was pumped into the district from a central point. This system showed structural defects. That is why the pipe system will be flushed from the homes to the distribution point at the end of this month. The central heat pump will also be replaced with a pump that has much more power.

Kuiper en Zonen was pleased to be able to contribute to this by supplying a (temporary) rental boiler in collaboration with Coolworld Rentals. 

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Rental boiler from Kuiper en Zonen

Kuiper en Zonen has been working with the German boiler manufacturer Viesmann since 2003. This means that the quality of the boiler is of the highest quality. Kuiper en Zonen then takes care of the engineering and construction of the boiler. In addition to a rental boiler, you can also contact us for the rental of heating boilers, hot water boilers, flue gas coolers and degassers. We can supply these directly from stock.  

More information about it renting a boiler at Kuiper en Zonen.