hot water boilers

Kuiper en Zonen sells new and refurbished hot water boilers with a flow temperature of up to 110°C. You can also contact us for rental and maintenance.

Economical boilers

Our boilers are economical in energy consumption due to their low flue gas temperatures, 120 mm thick composite insulation and water-cooled front. You can achieve a user return of up to 95% with this.

Buy or rent boilers

Buy or rent hot water boilers with a flow temperature of up to 110 °C, in the capacity range 80 kW to 25 MW. Kuiper en Zonen is your specialist in this field, we also develop in-house. We have extensive experience with these boilers and can also provide you with excellent service with boiler and burner maintenance. Make your choice here from hot water boilers high efficiency of improved efficiency.


The oldest steam boiler company in the Netherlands

Kuiper en Zonen is a family business and has pure craftsmanship

Why do you choose Kuiper en Zonen?

  • Professional steam boiler company since 1918.
  • Family business through and through.
  • Pure craftsmanship and impressive innovation.
  • All-round knowledge and expertise.
  • Everything under one roof: the complete package of manufacture, overhaul, rental, delivery, maintenance and installation of steam boilers and boiler accessories.

Free custom advice?

Receive tailor-made advice from one of our experts without obligation. Call us +0318(63)20 92  or fill in the form below.

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Our latest projects

Fuite Genemuiden expansion

We have realized an extension of the current steam boiler installation for a large animal feed producer in Genemuiden. The steam capacity of the current steam installation

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