Kuiper en Zonen, the oldest steam boiler company in the Netherlands: from pure craftsmanship to a family business and impressive innovation.

Stoffer Wubbo Kuiper started in 1918 as a supplier of machines and steam boilers. He could not have imagined that his great-grandson Michel, more than 95 years later, would be at the head of 'his' family business. Stoffer built the solid foundation of the Kuiper company by manufacturing and supplying coal-fired boilers, which found their way from Amersfoort to the industrial Netherlands.

Thanks to its solid craftsmanship and high-quality products, the company quickly became known as a reliable industrial partner. The wealth of experience, the enormous professional knowledge and the unstoppable work ethic have been preserved and four generations later still form the driving force of the Kuiper en Zonen company.

The oldest steam boiler company in the Netherlands

Kuiper en Zonen is a family business and has pure craftsmanship


At the end of the 30s, the Kuiper company became a family business. With the arrival of the two sons Geessienus and Wim Kuiper, the company got the name it still bears today: Kuiper en Zonen. During this period, the biggest change that the boiler industry has seen to this day takes place. Coal firing makes way for steam boilers with oil burners. This technological development provides an extra impulse for Kuiper en Zonen. The expertise is further expanded and soon the company is known both at home and abroad. New business premises in Ede will be purchased, from which it will be physically possible for Kuiper en Zonen to continue to grow.

Innovation at Kuiper en Zonen

Limiting heat loss using condensers of economizers is common today, but was very innovative at the time. Frank Kuiper, son of Geessienus, made the technological transition to the high-quality 3-pass steam boiler installations. Kuiper en Zonen now has everything under one roof: the complete package of manufacture, overhaul, rental, delivery, maintenance and assembly of steam boilers and boiler accessories. The all-round knowledge and expertise is the beating heart of Kuiper en Zonen. Michel Kuiper, the current director of the country's oldest boiler company, cherishes this as a solid foundation for a prosperous future.

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