High pressure steam boilers

The Viessmann high-pressure steam boilers are unique because of a cooled front and reversing box. Thanks to Kuiper en Zonen's many years of experience, you are assured of a sustainable steam boiler installation.

The Viessmann high-pressure steam boilers have a pressure above 0,5 barg. We use these high-pressure steam boilers in industries with a required steam temperature of more than 110ºC to initiate steam-driven processes.

We can usually supply these high-pressure steam boilers from stock. Also for it whore en maintain you can contact us for a high-pressure steam boiler. Do you use a flow temperature below 0,5 barg? Take a look at our low pressure steam boilers.

Three-pass steam boiler

The Vitomax series from Viesmann are all three-pass boilers with a low combustion chamber load. The construction achieves very low Nox emissions below 70 mg, which means that it also complies with current regulations regarding emissions.

Many high pressure steam boilers are built as two draft boilers, an inexpensive installation, but not as reliable. We have ninety years of experience with boilers, based on our experience we only supply three-pass boilers. On this page you can see a nice example of a revised steam boiler at Nizo in Ede.

Advantages of high pressure steam boiler

A high-pressure steam boiler from Kuiper en Zonen provides your company with many benefits:

  • Low heating costs (economical energy consumption).
  • Energy savings of up to 5% (economizer) or 15% (flue gas condenser).
  • High reliability and long life.
  • High-quality service, maintenance and ease of installation.

Main Features High Pressure Steam Boiler

If you opt for a high-pressure steam boiler, we guarantee different product properties. For example, the boilers have a pressure higher than 0,5 barg and they consume little energy (this does depend on the safety pressure). You are assured of high steam quality due to a large steam room and large evaporation surface. You can also count on lower NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions, due to a low combustion chamber load and water-cooled front. Finally, our boilers have good circulation and heat transfer due to the wide water walls and large distances between the flue gas pipes.

Product Solutions

Kuiper en Zonen offers the following high-pressure steam boilers from the Viessmann brand:

View complete technical documentation of our products. Do you have questions? Contact us now. We are happy to help you.

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