First Special Inspection

A First Special Inspection is the basis for burner maintenance. This determines the maintenance and inspection frequency.

Execution EBI

In order to be able to commission a heating or combustion installation with a capacity >100 kW, the user of the installation must have a report drawn up showing that the installation meets the applicable requirements. This is called the First Special Inspectorate, or EBI for short. The report that is delivered contains the basic values ​​of the installation, so that you can fall back on this during a PO or PI.

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First Special Inspection

When conducting an EBI, the following matters are discussed:

  • Carrying out an inspection of the combustion plant and drawing up a basic report
  • Validating work instructions for Periodic Inspection (PI) and Periodic Maintenance (PO)
  • Determining the limit values ​​at which adjustments of protections are still acceptable
  • Assess whether deviations from the regulations are acceptable for both the initial and periodic inspection;
  • Carrying out inspections of special installations;
  • Determine the frequency for the PO and PI.

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