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You can buy a steam boiler at Kuiper & Zonen. We supply a new steam boiler under our own management, built to our own design in consultation with the customer. Prefer to rent a steam boiler? That is also a possibility. We supply and overhaul existing boilers and autoclaves for all kinds of production processes, we rent out boiler units and provide you with the best service 24 hours a day.

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Buying benefits of a steam boiler at Kuiper & Zonen

You benefit from various advantages if you choose to buy a steam boiler from Kuiper & Zonen. You are assured of craftsmanship and high quality. Our steam boiler is produced according to the latest design codes PED and therefore supplied with CE marking. We supply both new and used steam boilers and can deliver a complete turnkey project to you under our own management. Our own professionals carry out the overhaul, transport, installation and piping. We are also your preferred partner for the necessary preventive maintenance and the biennial boiler inspections.

Do you want more information about our steam boiler or do you just have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us contact us .

Steam boiler maintenance

It is important to have your steam boiler inspected twice a year. In addition, we are also your preferred partner for the necessary preventive maintenance. Kuiper & Zonen has been specialized for years in boiler maintenance and overhaul of associated fittings. Your steam boiler is therefore in good hands! Do you not want to have to worry about your steam boiler after delivery? Inquire about our maintenance contract. Of course we provide a customized package that meets your specific wishes.

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Kuiper en Zonen is a family business and has pure craftsmanship

Types of steam boilers

From hot water boilers, hot water boilers, low or high pressure steam boilers or degassers, we have a wide range of types of steam boilers.

  • A hot water boiler is often used in public and commercial buildings for underfloor heating or space heating.
  • A hot water boiler is often seen in processes where a flow temperature of 120°C is required. Think of industrial companies or district heating plants for homes or companies.
  • A low pressure steam boiler has a pressure below 0,5 barg and is often used in healthcare and bakeries.
  • A steam boiler under high pressure are suitable for industries with a required steam temperature of more than 110ºC. They are used to initiate steam-driven processes.
  • A Degasser from Kuiper and Zonen has the advantage that you not only save costs, you also have to add fewer chemicals to your business process. Degassers are often used in the food industry.

All our steam boilers are very reliable and economical in energy consumption. Would you like more information or advice about one of our steam boilers? Please feel free to contact us. We are happy to talk to you.

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