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Kuiper en Zonen can carry out the maintenance of your boiler and burner installation quickly and without any worries. Read five reasons why you can leave the maintenance to Kuiper en Zonen.
You want to experience as little disruption as possible from the maintenance of your boiler. Kuiper en Zonen can carry out the total maintenance of your boiler and burner installation for you quickly and without any worries. Below you will find five reasons why outsourcing maintenance to Kuiper en Zonen is the best choice for you.

1. Experience and knowledge

Kuiper en Zonen has since 1918 built up expertise in boilers with four generations of Kuiper. Whether it concerns new boilers, rental, maintenance, repair or overhaul, we have everything under one roof and carry out all work with our own professionals.

2. Boiler and burner maintenance

You should have your boiler and burner checked periodically. During the boiler inspection, your boiler will be partially disassembled, as it must be inspected internally. This is the best time to service your boiler. We prepare the boiler for inspection, carry out maintenance and possible repairs, check fittings and test protections. In addition, the burner will require regular maintenance and mandatory inspections. Choose one company with all specialisms, which ensures that maintenance costs you as little time as possible.

3. Minimal downtime losses

Kuiper en Zonen employs its own specialists who carry out the boiler and burner maintenance, repairs and overhauls themselves. If necessary, repairs such as cracks or repairs to the pressure body are carried out directly by one of our certified welders. We have almost all necessary parts (new and used) in stock in our own warehouse. 

4. Convenience and security in one company

We have all certificates and comply with all standards, so that we can carry out maintenance quickly and without delay, without the intervention of third parties. Kuiper en Zonen is one of the T0103 “safety fittings” certified companies in the Netherlands. We are allowed to carry out revisions to appendages and safety devices ourselves, with specially trained personnel.

we are through SCIOS (Stichting Certification Inspection Maintenance Combustion Installations) recognized for inspections of your burner installation. Our employees are certified to perform Periodic Inspection (PI) and Periodic Maintenance (PO). We also provide the First or Special Inspection (EBI).

Kuiper en Zonen is VCA** certified. All our employees are in possession of a VCA certificate, so that they work safely at your location. In addition, they are also familiar with LOTO procedures. The quality of our work is also guaranteed by means of procedures from our ISO 9001/2008 certification.

5. Always access to your boiler information and reports

We store all information about your boiler on a server to which you can log in 24 hours a day from our website. Here you will find the manual, inspections and available information for your boiler. In addition, your inspection, service and maintenance reports are also stored here.

You always have free access to the information you need for the licensing authorities such as the Nuisance Act, the Labor Inspectorate, Lloyd's, insurers or other inspection authorities. We go the extra mile to serve you!

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Did you know that we can supply a rental boiler if we carry out maintenance on your boiler? This way you don't have to stop your production process. The maintenance of a large boiler takes an average of two days, the maintenance of a small boiler can be carried out within a day. If you replace all appendages, we can also carry out maintenance on a large boiler within a day.

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