Boiler inspection

Kuiper & Zn has been the boiler specialist for 100 years. We are therefore the appropriate party to carry out your boiler inspection. Kuiper en Zonen is the address for supervising your boiler inspection. It is mandatory to have boilers and pressure bodies with a working pressure higher than 0,5 barg inspected. This must be carried out by an authorized notified body (NL-CBI), such as the Lloyd's inspection body. Kuiper en Zonen is responsible for the overhaul of the appendages and safety devices.

Inspection of your boiler

Kuiper en Zonen also supervises the inspection inspector. We then rebuild the steam boiler and put it into operation. Finally, we check all gaskets and pressure bushings and check them for tightness. After this procedure, your steam boiler will be able to function without any problems for the next two years. The boiler inspection for most boilers takes two days. With smaller boilers, this can even be completed within a day. Larger boilers can also be inspected within a day if a complete exchange set of fittings is purchased. We will take this replacement set to you, remove the old fittings, have the boiler inspected and rebuild the boiler immediately afterwards. The old fittings are then overhauled at a later date and stored in our warehouse.

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Regular maintenance

Even if your boiler is not subject to an inspection, it is wise to have the fittings checked regularly and overhauled or replaced if necessary. It is important to report that we are T0103 certified, which means that we are authorized to overhaul and certify appendages without the intervention of a NL-CBI. This allows us to quickly rebuild the boiler after the fitting overhaul.

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