Kuiper & Zonen supplies installations worldwide and also ensures that they are optimally maintained.


By carrying out preventive inspections, any irregularities can be detected early. This minimizes potential incidents and loss of efficiency, resulting in a safe, reliable installation. A Service Level Agreement includes an annual boiler inspection and two burner inspections per year.

  • Boiler inspection: we inspect the boiler from the outside and inside (flue gas side and water side), we also include the entire boiler house where all components are discussed such as degasser, economizer, pumps, and so on. We act as a notified body, as not every country has a NOBO.
  • Burner inspection: we inspect the burner, perform maintenance and replace parts where necessary (if present). We also optimize combustion for the right balance between heating costs and emissions.

After an inspection, we write an extensive report, in which the current status is described, together with practical advice on how the boiler can be used optimally with high operational reliability. We can also advise whether and which spare parts should be in stock to minimize downtime. If repairs or adjustments are required, our specialized engineers can carry them out for you.

Service around the world

Kuiper & Zonen is not only active in the Netherlands, but supplies complete installations and provides service all over the world. We offer a so-called Service Level Agreement (SLA) for foreign installations. The installations that we install are often delivered in combination with an SLA, but we also increasingly offer our service activities for installations that were not supplied by us. Our technicians and inspectors have already seen countless boilers, which means that they can quickly make a correct diagnosis and advise you on how to keep the boiler in optimal condition.

The oldest steam boiler company in the Netherlands

Kuiper en Zonen is a family business and has pure craftsmanship

Why do you choose Kuiper en Zonen?

  • Professional steam boiler company since 1918.
  • Family business through and through.
  • Pure craftsmanship and impressive innovation.
  • All-round knowledge and expertise.
  • Everything under one roof: the complete package of manufacture, overhaul, rental, delivery, maintenance and installation of steam boilers and boiler accessories.

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