A PLC for your steam boiler installation


PLC (Programmable Logic Control) is a programmable control unit capable of controlling an entire steam boiler installation. In this way you and we have insight into the installation, we monitor processes, we control the safety of the installation and we save costs due to unnecessary downtime. The system mainly consists of:

  • the controller with the program,
  • input modules (sensors, (limit) switches, etc.),
  • output modules (control of valves, motors, etc.),
  • HMI (human interface), touch screen for visualization and operation.

Registration process values

The PLC continuously records all data so that you can always look back at the progress of the process. In this way we can find the cause in all recorded data in the event of any deviations. This provides insight into all process values, so that we can plan maintenance before malfunctions occur. 

Remote monitoring

Because a PLC monitors the sensors, it brings your steam installation to a safe state in the event of a defect. Not only does this prevent damage, the technician can use the PLC to quickly find out which part has a malfunction or needs to be replaced. 

Direct help via the internet

A service technician can monitor you directly via a connection to the internet. In the event of a malfunction, we can already work on the solution before our technician is on site. In the event of complex failures, we can use the information from the PLC to send you the right engineer, with the necessary materials. In the event of an operating error, there is no need for a technician to come, but you will receive the solution immediately. This prevents downtime of your steam boiler installation, which saves you costs.